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The team at Discover Podium did an excellent job helping me polish up my resume and LinkedIn profile to better prepare me for the next step in my career. Jacob and team took the time to listen to my requirements and shopped my resume with their team of experts to provide recommendations that resonated with me. The follow ups kept me on track and the recommended changes have positioned me well among my competitors. You can see their commitment to their clients by how much they go above and beyond to help them land their next job. I recommend Discover Podium to anyone looking to up the ante on their job search.

Amber Hameed | VP of Information Systems, Dollar Shave Club

The Right Positioning for the Right Opportunities

Discover Podium uses modern strategy and technical expertise to create an effective resume and LinkedIn profile. The process is designed to improve your professional presence and strategic positioning, giving you confidence in articulating your career story.

How It Works

Our highly personalized process utilizes a white-glove approach in the development of your career narrative.


Who It’s For

Executives looking to optimize their resume, LinkedIn profile, and/or professional biography.

What You Get

Award-winning, in-house writers and editors who offer personalized storytelling support. Services range from content advisory calls to full writing services.

There is a strategy behind the creation of an effective resume, LinkedIn profile, and professional biography. Our team will guide you.


The Discover Podium staff are a valuable resource for professionals who want their online profiles to adequately reflect their experience and skills. The process might sound intimidating, but they make it easy. And they provide information on how you compare to other similarly-situated professionals to help you position yourself for new opportunities.

Angela Dougan Sherrer | Director and Associate General Counsellor, Safety, Content, and Law Enforcement, Twitter

Showcase Your Professional Brand

Our strategic in-house writing services concentrate on a combination of market research, modern best practices, and a collaborative process to curate your content for the desired target audience.


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Discover Podium is a fantastic group of individuals dedicated to assisting people find the jobs they need but more importantly want. The first class service of resume and online presence formation is top notch and worth the individual investment in your future. I recommend this service to anyone looking to take the next step in your career and find the job you crave.

John Bird | VP of Marketing

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