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Travis B. Smith

“I have never had a career coach before. I have talked about my career plans with mentors, friends, and recruiters, but never anyone that was just there to help me make the best decision. I am always looking to engage with experts in their field, and this time around, it felt right to get some professional career guidance.”



Started: Director of Product Design

Landed: Senior UX Manager, Shopify

Location: Remote

Services: Career Advisory

Travis Smith, an accomplished product design leader, came to Discover Podium in pursuit of a more fulfilling opportunity. After close to a year of selectively searching, Travis decided to engage a strategic partner in his job search.


When Travis came to Discover Podium he was no stranger to the job-search process. He had already received a few offers that weren’t the right fit. His challenge was he was attracting attention, but it wasn’t the right kind of attention. Discover Podium helped Travis narrow down exactly what his needs and wants were so that he could more accurately target, define, and attract the right opportunity.  He was having trouble finding the trifecta of location, compensation, and fulfilling work. 

“I had been looking on and off for about eight months, the final months were the beginning of the COVID crisis, so I had a lot of questions. When I started talking to Laurel [a Career Advisor on the Discover Podium Team], I had a handful of offers that I had walked away from and was in talks with a few other companies.”

“The main issue I was having was trying to find the right balance of an interesting product, the right location, and the right comp level. After turning down a few offers, my current work situation was not getting any better. —”


Travis met with the Discover Podium team weekly for one month to review his career objectives. After several phone conversations and few emails, Discover Podium was able to guide Travis towards a career fit that met the trifecta that he was looking for. 

“First and foremost, just having an objective person to talk to was incredibly valuable to me. I spoke with my wife, friends, colleagues, parents, and kids about what I was looking for and what I wanted to do next. Each of them had their perspective, but it was hard for me to fully articulate my position with all of them. Working with Laurel allowed me to talk out what I was feeling and have someone poke holes in my approach. Getting information about what other job seekers were doing in interviews and negotiations was also helpful. That type of market-specific knowledge helped me a lot.”

Discover Podium offered an outside objective perspective and an impartial audience. We served as a sounding board through the tough decisions and guided him to ultimately make a decision that was best for him and his family. Travis also used Discover Podium to help him exit his previous position strategically and start strong in his new role.


At first glance, Travis was reluctant about the role because the title appeared to be a step back. Ultimately he realized the offered position had more growth potential and was overall more fulfilling. Thinking about his career holistically instead of singularly allowed him to take steps towards overall happiness as well as positive career growth.

“I have significantly benefited from Discover Podium. I feel much more confident in my job search, and I was also able to get a great new gig!”

“I have already recommended the service to several friends. —”

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“—You have to understand what you are trying to achieve so that you can continue to take steps in the right direction.”

“I want to add my thanks and gratitude for your work and the service you are providing people. I am very grateful that I found it. Also, thank you to Laurel for being the best!”

How Does Travis Define Fulfillment at Work?

“I define it on two levels. The first is getting to the job that you have always wanted. For me, that is leading a talented team of designers. The second is finding a job and company that fit you and your way of working. This one is trickier and also ever-changing.”

Final Testimonial


“The most rewarding thing about Discover Podium was the confidence it gave me when I was talking to companies. I had more knowledge at hand and a better strategy going into these critical conversations.”

Travis B. Smith
Senior UX Manager, Shopify

The job market is an isolating, broken system. Professionals are often left to fend for themselves while employers hold all the cards. Discover Podium puts the professional back in the driver’s seat. We are your biggest cheerleaders when you need encouragement and we’re the coach that never lets you down.

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