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Amber Hameed

“I wanted to find the right next step but wasn’t sure I had the right tools to get me there.”



Started: VP Information Systems, Dollar Shave Club

Landed: VP Global Marketing Strategy, Platforms and Operations, Universal Music Group

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: CPG to Media

Services: Resume Writing, LinkedIn Writing

Amber engaged with Discover Podium for support attracting opportunities outside of tech—and how to best communicate how her skills translated across different industries.


World and economic circumstances took a toll on Amber’s company and forced downsizing. She decided to capitalize on the opportunity and start looking for the next step in her career. As she explored opportunities she began to realize the roles weren’t a great fit. She wanted a change and didn’t know where to start.

Amber had the tools but they weren’t the right tools. After six months of looking for new opportunities and making it pretty far in the interview process, Amber decided to engage Discover Podium.

“I was asking myself, does my resume fit what I’m looking for or what I think I deserve. Does my professional arsenal represent where I want to go in my career. I needed to be sure that what I was presenting was up to par and competitive with my peers.”



Knowing that Amber already had a few opportunities in the pipeline and understanding that she was looking to expand her options, the Discover Podium team positioned her content in a way that drew more eyes and the right attention to her LinkedIn Profile. Ultimately they built a compelling career story towards the goals she strived for. 

“The LinkedIn portion was a big piece of it. I’ve always heard all kinds of feedback from people. All the jargon gets really confusing. Working with Discover Podium brought clarity to the process and an outside perspective that I really needed. It pretty much took the guesswork out of putting together my LinkedIn profile and resume. The process made it optimal for me to do what I needed in order to get to the next level and not have to worry about people’s opinions but rather a proven process presented by career experts.”


Working through the content process, Amber learned how to weed through the jargon and hone in on what sets her apart from the competition. Not only did she polish her professional content, she was able to take what she’d learned and apply it to the interview and negotiation process. 

“Working with Discover Podium, I’ve learned how people look for candidates and what they look for in a LinkedIn profile. What I learned brought me to the forefront of recruiter searches. And I was able to take this career story and apply it to my interviews.” 

Amber walked away understanding the power of her professional content and how to position herself for the career she wanted.

How Does Amber Define Fulfillment at Work?

“Something that’s new and exciting. I always want to be learning and growing in whatever role I take.”

Final Testimonial

“The follow-up personalization was the most valuable part of the whole process. I knew my career search was not only my priority, but the priority of the Discover Podium team as well.”

Amber Hameed
VP Global Marketing Strategy, Platforms and Operations, Universal Music Group

The job market is an isolating, broken system. Professionals are often left to fend for themselves while employers hold all the cards. Discover Podium puts the professional back in the driver’s seat. We are your biggest cheerleaders when you need encouragement and we’re the coach that never lets you down.

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