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Alejandro Lara

“I was struggling in my job search and I didn’t know what I was missing.”



Started: Program Manager, Indeed

Landed: Expert Program Manager, PG&E

Location: San Francisco, CA

Industry: Legal to Operationalized Policy

Services: Career Advisory, Resume Writing

After getting to several last-round interviews but never securing the role, Alejandro Lara engaged Discover Podium looking for clarity in his job search and support in his interview process.


Shortly after Alejandro accepted the job at Indeed, the team experienced a dynamic changed resulting in unexpected role changes. After quickly realizing the role was no longer a good fit for him, Alejandro hit the job market. While he was attracting attention with his resume, he was having a hard time getting past the final-round interview. It was at this point he decided to reach out for help.

“The job I accepted at Indeed and the job I actually had ended up being two different jobs. Shortly after I joined the team, the boss took a promotion and the team went in a different direction. I realized quickly that I was working on projects that I wasn’t passionate about. After about a year, I decided I needed to change directions.” 

The Discover Podium team was there for Alejandro to help him fill in the missing pieces of his job search. 

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Alejandro was having trouble making it past the final round of interviews. Discover Podium helped him first identify roles that were a better fit by directing him to opportunities he previously didn’t see. Next, the team worked with him to develop his professional story. He had a wealth of experience but was having trouble articulating it in a way that translated into new opportunities. Once he secured the interview, the team coached him through every step of the process. He found new confidence in the way he presented his skills and how those skills translated into success for his future role. 

“In working with Brandon, he quickly understood my background and helped me identify what types of opportunities I was looking for. On my own, there were opportunities that I wasn’t seeing in my search. 

I also discovered a better way to package myself and highlight my story. What I chose to highlight made me a better match for the roles I truly wanted — the roles that were a good fit. Working on my career story gave me the confidence I needed going into the interview process. I learned how to best put forth all the work I’ve done, and talk about my experiences not just in the past tense, but also how I will translate those experiences into future work.”


Before reaching out to Discover Podium, Alejandro had been searching for something new for seven months. After engaging the team, he secured a new role within two months. Through the process of working with Discover Podium, Alejandro became more organized and an overall better communicator both professionally and personally. He now has a much clearer vision for his career goals and trajectory. 

“I’m definitely a better communicator and I’m even more organized than before. Because of some of the work that goes into thinking about career goals I feel like I have more perspective. I have clarity on my career progression. Overall, I’m a better co-worker and teammate.”

Customized Career Strategy & Support

How Does Alejandro Define Fulfillment at Work?

“Work that’s engaging and challenging. And mostly, I want a sense of purpose. I need to feel that I’ve accomplished something and it was worth going to work that day.”

Final Testimonial

Discover Podium is an investment in your career and investing in your career is priceless. It’s easy to think you can do it all on your own until the reality of the process sets in. Resume writing, interviewing, negotiating, these are all muscles that atrophy when you don’t use them. By the time I knew I needed another job, I was already 2 months behind and I wasn’t ready to interview. The Discover Podium team gave me the support and confidence I needed and even made me a better communicator in my personal life.

Alejandro Lara
Expert Program Manager, PG&E

The job market is an isolating, broken system. Professionals are often left to fend for themselves while employers hold all the cards. Discover Podium puts the professional back in the driver’s seat. We are your biggest cheerleaders when you need encouragement and we’re the coach that never lets you down.

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