Career Accelerator Program

Includes 5 Hours of Personal Career Advisory, Personal Job Market Analysis, and Unlimited Email Support.


Career Accelerator Program

Career Accelerator programs pair a unique balance of personalized strategic guidance and organizational support designed to work through any job search challenge. We help you explore the directions you can take your career and serve as objective third party counsel that works alongside your unique challenges.

Accelerator programs start with a one-time onboarding process that includes a discovery session and detailed questionnaire. You'll also work with our advisory team to set the appropriate cadence of your strategic conversations and outline a personal action plan, depending on your unique challenges, goals, and urgency.

Ongoing Advisory
Your Advisor sets recurring appointments with you to proactively advise during your job search in accordance with the cadence that you discussed during the onboarding session. Appointments typically range from 30 to 60-minute sessions.

The team can be scheduled for intermittent consultation on: career path ideation and exploration, market value, career storytelling and messaging, application and networking strategy, interview
preparation, offer negotiation, or as a sounding board as needed.

Unlimited email support (M-F 9-5 PST) is included with the purchase of Career Accelerator packages.

Personal Job Market Analysis
Your Advisor will access our dedicated research department to further support the progression of your career/job search by finding job leads, developing application tracking frameworks, identifying
prospective hiring managers, sharing salary estimations, and conducting job market analysis.

Involvement of the research team is organized by your lead advisor and is used to make sure you have the tools and processes for your success throughout.

Advisor Credentials
Each strategic Advisor is a full-time, in-house employee of Discover Podium. We never outsource our advisors. The team is cross-trained in all aspects of job search and have worked with hundreds of job seekers. Each Advisor is supported by the collective knowledge of the entire Discover Podium team to ensure each customer receives a complete experience.

Our typical scheduling time is within 1-2 business days, but can vary. We work to meet any urgency you have, but we must ensure all of our clientele have the most complete experience.

Note: The efficacy of our strategic advisory services is impacted by your regular engagement and collaboration with your lead advisor as well as the successful execution of proposed strategies. Your collaboration directly impacts favorable outcomes. 

All Discover Podium services concentrate on reaching a favorable outcome through education, organization, and support; however, we do not guarantee interviews or job offers.

Terms & Conditions

Payment Flexibility
Investing in yourself is fundamental to your ongoing career success and should be as accessible as possible. We can split your investment in 2 or 3 even payments if preferred. If this option is selected, your remaining payment(s) will be drawn automatically on a 30-day schedule until paid in full. A transaction fee applies per payment for any installment plan options.

All Sales Are Final. Our programs are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Payments are due as specified, regardless of other factors. Our concentration is on providing an exceptional experience and we work with you to meet any unforeseen challenges; however, we cannot pause or 'freeze' services.

Pay-It-Forward Program
Any unused Career Accelerator sessions are transferable to others. Discover Podium retains the right to refuse transfer as deemed necessary.

Fixed Period Contract
Career Accelerator sessions expire 4-months from purchase date. Sessions are scheduled in 30 or 60-minute increments.

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