Frequently Asked Questions

Question about our services?

Why do I need to sign a 3 or 6 month agreement for Career Finder services?

Executive searches typically last between 6 – 10 months. While we do everything we can to expedite this process, we found it best to offer flexible payment options to accommodate your changing search needs.

Can you guarantee me a job?

Our headhunters are highly trained in career search and save executives dozens of hours of searching each month. While we cannot guarantee that you get hired, our personal headhunters will continually work with you to find opportunities that match your interests—even if your interests change during your search.

Can I upgrade from Career Finder to Career Architect?

Yes—you can add à la carte Career Architect products at anytime. Speak with your personal headhunter for more information.

Can your Career Finder services help with any profession?

Yes. Your personal headhunter caters every search to your specific needs—and responds to your feedback. We also proactively look for opportunities that may interest you and provide our reasoning for including each listing in your weekly email.