Frequently Asked Questions

Many director and executive level searches average from 6 – 10 months, whereas our clients can realize 40 – 65% decreases in this search time. While there are several factors that can impact your search, for example, compensation requirements, industry trends, geographic location, etc., we’ve found that 80% of our clients are interviewing for a role they are interested in within 6 weeks and 95% after a 12 week period.

The general rule of thumb is that the higher the compensation required, the longer the search. This is a combination of there being fewer opportunities available and typically a much longer hiring and interviewing process from the employers. We’ve helped clients navigate 6 stages of interviews spanning a 10 week hiring process—and worked with them every step of the way.

Our team is highly trained to help you accelerate your job search; however, we cannot guarantee you a job—we’re wary of anyone who says that they can. We do not work for employers—we work for you. We concentrate on your best interests rather than the needs of employers. This means that we work to find you the most fulfilling opportunities that match your interests—even if your interests change during our work.

We target a 3 – 5 business day turnaround for our first draft and offer 1 week of unlimited revisions to make sure we get your content delivered efficiently and signed off by you. If you need further revisions outside of our 1 week window, they can be purchased for $50.

Each member of our Career Navigator and Career Architect teams have received individual training on the proprietary Discover Podium job search and HR technology methodology. Our method concentrates on your individual challenges and includes comprehensive research tailored to your unique situation. While each Career Navigator and Career Architect may not be experts in each specific industry, they are career search and copywriting experts trained to navigate complex search environments required to produce the best results for you.

Our team works to accelerate your career and deliver your job search strategy as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, we invest heavily in our onboarding process, content creation, and getting to know you as we kick off your job search strategy. The total cost of these efforts is much higher than the monthly price we pass to you. We break payments out monthly, without any additional fees, as a convenient payment option that helps our services become more obtainable.

No. We carefully plan our weekly strategy during your onboarding process, and while we work to be as flexible as possible during your job search, pauses or discrepancies in the approach can negatively impact the success of your search. You have the option to stop all services after 3 payments have been made with expressed written notice.

Our team scours dozens of popular job boards, company HR platforms, and lesser known niche career boards to make sure that you don’t miss any great opportunities based on your specifications. In addition, we use connections and our extended network of recruiters and headhunters to amplify your search with positions that aren’t always published publicly. Along the way, you are invited to participate in our process and work closely with your Career Strategist weekly.

We have a pragmatic approach to resume design. We use a format that is designed to appeal to both hiring managers and Application Tracking Systems (ATS). We know that you’re not likely to spend hours personalizing each resume for each application, so we design your resume to include key sections that can be minimally modified to appeal to more opportunities. Our Career Architect department can answer any questions that you may have on how to get multiple uses from one exceptional resume.

We launch our services with a detailed questionnaire to understand your career, who you look up to, what you’re looking to accomplish, and more. We’re interested in learning about where you’re headed, what work fulfills you, and what makes you happiest.

After we receive your results, we schedule an onboarding call where we get to know you more personally, answer any more questions you have, talk through your career positioning and strategy, and set deadlines and expectations for any deliverables that you ordered.

We then work to create and deliver any career content you ordered while concurrently starting your job search and our prospecting processes. This ensures that we move quickly on everything you need for an effective search and start accelerating you toward your goals.   

First of all—congratulations! Our success is your success and nothing makes us happier than clients that find and accept a more fulfilling role right out of the gates. We continue to collect payments until a total of 3 payments have been collected. We do this because we invest heavy resources into our onboarding, strategy, and any content creation that we do on your behalf during the first weeks of our engagement.

This is when we get to celebrate success with our clients! Many continue to work with their Career Strategist to share details about their new role and address any thoughts they have while they begin their new career.

Discover Podium is a unique blend of an HR/recruiting and marketing/public relations firm. We approach your job search as we would approach marketing a product. Your career is the product and we work to ensure that the right hiring managers know how talented and impactful you would be for their organization.

To accomplish this, we work with you to develop an impactful career strategy, deliver exceptional career content (such as your resume and LinkedIn optimization), and assess the results weekly to determine the appropriate course of action moving forward. It’s a 3 step process that we follow and repeat while you participate and grow along the way.

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