Our Mission

Discover Podium is on a mission to connect people with more fulfilling careers. By combining modern marketing techniques with recruiting technology and a personalized approach, we help professionals stand out in an increasingly competitive digital world. Our accessible solutions help professionals land their dream job 40% faster.

The Problem With the Modern Job Hunt

Most people are inspired by the idea of more fulfilling work, yet many of us juggle 40+ hr weeks and don’t have time to devote to pursuing our dream careers. There are services that offer to help at a hefty price, and an endless stack of career apps that just give job seekers even more things to juggle. How do we stop the vicious cycle?

Modern Job Hunt

Introducing: The Discover Podium Method

The DiscoPod Method

Modern career technology tailored with a personal touch.

Discover Podium is the only hybrid services and technology solution that concentrates on the job seeker’s experience, instead of the company’s. We use tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, Crunchbase, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, and much more to design a unique strategy for each job seeker, and give them a leg up against the competition. Next, our team personally executes that strategy, then analyzes what’s working and what’s not, providing ongoing support to the job seeker every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many director and executive level searches average from 6 – 10 months, whereas our clients can realize 40 – 65% decreases in this search time. While there are several factors that can impact your search, for example, compensation requirements, industry trends, geographic location, etc., we’ve found that 80% of our clients are interviewing for a role they are interested in within 6 weeks and 95% after a 12 week period.

Our team is highly trained to help you accelerate your job search; however, we cannot guarantee you a job—we’re wary of anyone who says that they can. We do not work for employers—we work for you. We concentrate on your best interests rather than the needs of employers. This means that we work to find you the most fulfilling opportunities that match your interests—even if your interests change during our work.

We target a 3 – 5 business day turnaround for our first draft and offer 1 week of unlimited revisions to make sure we get your content delivered efficiently and signed off by you. If you need further revisions outside of our 1 week window, they can be purchased for $50.

Each member of our Career Navigator and Career Architect teams have received individual training on the proprietary Discover Podium job search and HR technology methodology. Our method concentrates on your individual challenges and includes comprehensive research tailored to your unique situation. While each Career Navigator and Career Architect may not be experts in each specific industry, they are career search and copywriting experts trained to navigate complex search environments required to produce the best results for you.

Our team works to accelerate your career and deliver your job search strategy as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, we invest heavily in our onboarding process, content creation, and getting to know you as we kick off your job search strategy. The total cost of these efforts is much higher than the monthly price we pass to you. We break payments out monthly, without any additional fees, as a convenient payment option that helps our services become more obtainable.

Want to Work With Us?

We’re always looking for people join our fast-growing team. Check out our LinkedIn page for current job listings, or drop us a line below to tell us why you want to be apart of the Discover Podium family.

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