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Our Career Finder service offers you a personal headhunter that finds your dream career for you.

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No more searching through dozens of job boards and misfit posts. Get hand selected openings that match your unique career interests.

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“I took a step to the VP level in my career, and negotiated a 30% higher compensation package, thanks to Discover Podium.”

The Problem With Modern Search

The rise of online career platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and hundreds others—has given you plenty of search tools; however, it’s still up to you to sift through all of these sites on your own—an arduous and time consuming process.

Gone are the days where a brilliant resume entices a call back. Hiring managers are inundated with hundreds if not thousands of applicants everyday. So when you find your dream job, chances are, you have also found a ton of competition.

Even the most qualified professionals can have a hard time finding a job—especially a job that pays them well, fits their lifestyle and experience, and is aligned with their interests.

A personal headhunter on the lookout for your dream career—who only sends you relevant opportunities

Our Career Finder Solution

Our team of personal headhunters are trained to understand your exact career needs—from compensation, to seniority, to geographic location, and beyond—they do the heavy lifting for you.

Using our combination of industry connections, proprietary machine learning, and old fashioned research, our team provides personalized job opportunities and an experience catered to you.


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Affordable Pricing Plans

*Requires Upfront Payment

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