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Our Career Accelerator service offers you hand selected industry recommendations, from content to local events, that accelerate your career.

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No more wondering what content you should be sharing or when the next local networking event is held. Get personal recommendations designed to grow your career.

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“I took a step to the VP level in my career, and negotiated a 30% higher compensation package, thanks to Discover Podium.”

The Thought Leadership Problem

Discussing industry news and going to more career events is an excellent way to share your expertise and position your career for success. The problem is, you’re too busy working to devote all your time to keeping a watchful eye on everything that is happening.

Finding the right industry content to share and knowing what events to attend is a time consuming, yet necessary practice to build your personal brand.

An expert that recommends industry content and events that help you accelerate your career

Our Career Accelerator Solution

Our team takes a hands on approach to find the most relevant industry events and ideas from influential business leaders, leading organizations, and respected media outlets to separate your personal brand from the competition.

We provide weekly tips to help spread your influence and attract more favorable opportunities.


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