Discover Podium

Our Mission

Connect executives with work that sparks their passion.

Our Company

At Discover Podium, we believe there is a better way to connect people with work that they love.

Algorithms, email lists, and job spamming doesn’t work—your career is personal—and should be treated as such.

Our Values

Commitment To Integrity

We take responsibility for our work, commit to our customers success, and approach everything with integrity.

Enthusiasm For Excellence

We bring passion to our work—our enthusiasm for excellence comes from our drive to build real personal relationships.

Empathy For Others

We respect the opinions of others and recognize that diversity of experience helps us excel. We maintain empathy for everyone.


Honest and Direct Communication

We don’t hide behind trendy buzzwords to create an illusion of value. We use honest experience to challenge you to grow.

Founder & CEO

Jacob Warwick

Jacob has spent the last decade leading marketing operations in high tech Silicon Valley companies and has helped hundreds of professionals and executives find their dream careers.

He is passionate about using his marketing experience to help people better market themselves and find the confidence to find the job opportunities that match their lifestyle.

Founder & CFO

Rich Peterson

Rich has a diverse background founding and running organically grown companies and venture backed companies. Rich’s experience includes board of director positions, advisory board positions, fund raising, financing, CEO, sales, business development, and day to day operations.

Along with Jacob, Rich recognized the void in a personal approach to job searching. In his spare time he enjoys family, golf, and philanthropy.


Make a career out of making careers.

Personal Headhunter

You’re far more than a program. You have the human touch necessary to help connect one of our clients with their dream job.


You know that phrase “People who know people?” That’s you. And you love making connections between those in need, and those who can help

“I took a step to the VP level in my career and negotiated a 30% higher compensation package, thanks to Discover Podium.”


KL, VP of Product Design

“Discover Podium gave me the confidence to take a leadership role at a Fortune 500 after being unemployed for 5 months. I wish I knew about them sooner!”

FD, Head of User Research

“I immediately started getting more attention on LinkedIn after Discover Podium repositioned my 20 year executive career. They saved me so much time and headache!”

BH, VP of Operations

“After my last company was acquired, Discover Podium helped me position my career for more board of director positions. I now sit on 4 boards.”

JD, CEO & Board of Directors

“I felt my career had reached a dead end with my current employer, but Discover Podium helped me position myself as a leader and get a promotion within 6 months!”

CW, Director of Marketing

“I was a director at a consulting firm and now I am a VP working remotely in the tech industry thanks to Discover Podium.”

MB, VP of Sales Solutions

“Discover Podium helped me negotiate $10,000 more into my signing bonus—and another $10,000 into my annual salary!”


FD, Head of User Research

“After Discover Podium helped me position my personal brand online, my business grew to serve customers in three new countries around the world!”


MW, Entrepreneur

“I recommend Discover Podium to all of my clients because they always see results with their team. Their work is incredible.”

EK, Career Consultant & Coach


Since 2011, our team has worked with top executives from companies like Apple, Google, Xerox, LinkedIn, Under Armour, Takeda, Cisco, Mondelez, Safeway, and several others. We have helped our clients increase their compensation packages, find their dream career, earn promotions, launch their business, and attract clients of their own.

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