Who We Are

We’re creating a culture of transparent communication,

authentic relationships, and action with integrity.



 Our Passion

We help our clients find more fulfilling work, because when they do, they live happier lives, build thriving communities, and make the world a better place. 

Why dream about what your life can be, when you can take action to realize it instead? 

Our Business

Discover Podium delivers career services for professionals in transition. We think strategically and act with integrity.

By combining modern marketing techniques, recruiting technology, and a leading consultative approach, we empower you to reach new milestones in your career.



We’re a multi-talented team of career strategists, consultants, and copywriters based in beautiful Reno, Nevada


3740 Lakeside Dr STE #200
Reno, NV 89509


Your work either makes you happy—or it doesn’t. We built Discover Podium to help you navigate any obstacles preventing you from fulfilling your purpose.

Jacob Warwick | CEO & Co-Founder, Discover Podium


We built Discover Podium to concentrate on job seeker experience first—and ultimately make anyone’s career ambitions more obtainable.

Rich Peterson | Co-Founder, Discover Podium

Are you ready to accelerate your career?

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