The team at Discover Podium did an excellent job helping me polish up my resume and LinkedIn profile to better prepare me for the next step in my career. Jacob and team took the time to listen to my requirements and shopped my resume with their team of experts to provide recommendations that resonated with me. The follow ups kept me on track and the recommended changes have positioned me well among my competitors. You can see their commitment to their clients by how much they go above and beyond to help them land their next job. I recommend Discover Podium to anyone looking to up the ante on their job search.

Amber Hameed
VP of Information Systems | Dollar Shave Club

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I would highly recommend the Discover Podium team. Their coaching has been one of the best investments I have made for my career.

Jean-Paul Bonjour
Advisor, Third Summit & ex-Apple Maps Lead

The Discover Podium team was very professional and their insights and feedback on my resume, LinkedIn and job search were very, very helpful. I felt as though they spent a good amount of time on me and my needs. I would recommend their services to anyone who is either beginning her/his job search, or who, like me, needs a reboot mid-search. Thank you to all!

Global Marketing Executive

The Discover Podium staff are a valuable resource for professionals who want their online profiles to adequately reflect their experience and skills. Their top-notch team works with you to understand roles, achievements, and goals. The process might sound intimidating, but they make it easy. They know many C-Suite executives and understand different types of job markets. And they provide information on how you compare to other similarly-situated professionals to help you position yourself for new opportunities.

Angela Dougan Sherrer
Director and Associate General Counsellor, Safety, Content, and Law Enforcement, Twitter

The team at Discover Podium is highly skilled at advisory and job placement. They provide an immense amount of value, whether that is the technical aspects of creating a resume, strategic positioning, or executive coaching.

Graig Norden
Director of Marketing, NepFin

Discover Podium provides a high level of expertise and guidance towards becoming the best representation of yourself as a candidate in your future career decisions. It’s this expertise that arms you with the tools you need to succeed in your career. I would recommend this company, team, and the expertise of their knowledge and understanding of each individual client to any current or future job seekers. Thank you for your excellent work and attention to detail!

VP of Business Development and Sales

Discover Podium helped me negotiate my dream job in tech. Their responsiveness and expertise navigating the toughest career decisions was exactly what I needed. They’re a trusted partner that I’ll work with for many years to come

Eliot Johnson
Head of Product, Google Cloud

I feel confident applying for jobs online for the first time in my career after having worked with Discover Podium and its highly skilled team of writers. A former colleague of mine read my new resume and said, “I knew you were awesome having worked with you, but your resume captures you professionally in the most succinct way.” My copywriter was thorough and so fast and I could not be more happy with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Grateful for your services Discover Podium, thank you.

Director of Merchandising and Operations

Nowadays, the job market can be brutal and the process of applying for jobs is exhausting. If you’re looking for help navigating the minefields that are out there, and give you encouragement and guidance, then I’d encourage you to reach out to Discover Podium.

Scott Aughtmon
Senior Marketer, Intuit


Discover Podium helped me refine my message and brainstorm my interview strategy during my last job search. I’m fortunate to have added them to my executive support network.

Kim Lenox
VP of Product Design | Zendesk

Don’t use those resume formatting services. They just move words around and format your resume. Instead, use Discover Podium, they really get to understand you and your career goals and customize a resume for you. And, they provide tips for submitting your resume.

Product and Innovation Executive

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire team. Everyone was very professional and empathetic to my situation. A very talented group of people! Thank you!

Director of IT

Discover Podium helped me position, negotiate, and realize a challenging career transition from Silicon Valley to Salt Lake City. Their advisory supported one of the best decisions in my career.

Ana Frazao
Sr. Art Director, Qualtrics & ex-Apple MarComm Lead

Discover Podium’s service was enormously helpful not simply delivering an ATS-friendly resume, LinkedIn Profile and sample cover letter, but more importantly I was coached on the reasons why things like the headline, skills are so important. I learned a great deal more than I expected about how to better position myself for a competitive market. Working with Laurel, one of the career strategists, over the phone and across google docs was helpful, easy and also fun. While it might appear to be an investment some outputs like a resume, it’s worth knowing the education as much as anything else is absolutely worthwhile for the long-term in your career.

Director of Communications & Strategy

I appreciate Discover Podium’s professionalism, support, and guidance throughout my career transition. They have gone above and beyond any previous outplacement partner.

Jeff Riordan
Biotechnology Executive

Discover Podium was instrumental in helping me achieve the next level in my career. The amazing team stuck with me through everything! We worked together to devise a plan, update all of my material, job searches, interviews, and negotiations. The Discover Podium team truly cares about their clients, being honest and forthright, and taking a personal approach to help others be successful.

Christos Matheou
Senior Operations Leader, RingCentral

The team at Discover Podium did a fantastic job of helping me. The job I needed was in Sweden and that is not an easy task to find, all of the way from California but Mareena helped to isolate a number of opportunities for me. Olivia, Hollis and Laura certainly helped me get my head in the game; that goes a long way.

Senior Technical Project Manager

Discover Podium is a fantastic group of individuals dedicated to assisting people find the jobs they need but more importantly want. The first class service of resume and online presence formation, coupled with delivering job leads and negation training is top notch and worth the individual investment in your future. I recommend this service to anyone looking to take the next step in your career and find the job you crave.

John Bird
VP of Marketing


My strategist was able to distill ideas, technology, and complexity to its
simple core. My discussions with them has been a game changer.

Aman Naimat
CTO | Demandbase

The team at Discover Podium is incredible. They helped me take control of my job search as well as the strategy for several opportunities in the Phoenix area. They put my needs first and helped me make the best decision for me and my family.

Courtney Craig
Sr. Product Marketing, GoDaddy

Thanks to the Discover Podium team for assistance preparation for a career move. Their efficiency and promptness served as a great accountability push for me, the job seeker.

Project Engineering Leader

Working with the team at Discover Podium was a positive and enlightened experience. Through their one on one model I learned a great deal about how to present myself and the insights into the recruiting “game” that I know will have significant impact on my career. Always professional and dedicated to my success it provided me with a new found inspiration to take my career to the next level.

Eric Adler
IT Leader

Discover Podium services are phenomenal. I received roles that were matched with my experience and career aspirations, including key facts such as salary range, required experience level, along with company background and growth. My strategist was extremely supportive.

Saheema Rawat
Director of Partner Programs, Anita Borg Institute

I like the quality of the resume revisions, I like the availability and responsiveness of Mark, I really felt consulted with and supported, not put in a box to get things done in a template. I felt he really understood me and my experience and did a good job translating it into a much improved resume. Exactly what I was hoping to get from this service.

Senior Legal Operations Leader, Kaiser Permanente

The experience that Discover Podium was excellent. The staff made sure to communicate with me on every aspect of the project, also made sure that I understood the need to position content and why they needed to happen to make sure we position myself in a better angle to stand out from the pack.

Sales & Marketing Executive


Discover Podium brings unique magic and experience to every project. The team is a diamond in the rough, a needle in a haystack, the sharpest tools in the shed … yeah, they’re that incredible.

Joe Griffin
CEO | ClearVoice

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